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detach the amputated portion of the cervix. The chief point of

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tumour, had broken two ecraseurs, and it was not uncommon, he

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Radiotherapy. — ^Radiotherapy, especially the exposure of the thyroid

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bacillus in a dilution of 1:4,000 and paratyphoid bacillus A in a

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5. Ligation of the Carotid and Subclavian. — In aneurisms of the

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stains best with Loeffler's methylene blue, with characteristic bipolar appearance.

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the onlj country in the world where medical sects are legally

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Fats too can only be given conditionally and not without interruption.

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Primary Pernicious Anaemia. — In case of true primary pernicious

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time as the degenerated ovary — i.e., that ovariotomy had to be

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causes caramelization of the carbohydrates, rendering the medium

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sterilized bottles, each containing 0.3 litre. Numerous analyses show

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the monsoon. As reproduction and invasion take place in coinci-

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All that can be said of the therapy of this condition is that surgical

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organisms occur together, in which case the whole mass may be fairly large, though the

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bread, peas, beans, potatoes, and drinks charged with carbon dioxide.

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the true disease. If inoculated subcutaneously they often produce an edematous

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to the connexion between ovarian irritation and mental aberration,

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into the patient's vein. Meanwhile, the second syringeful is being

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to the right, although affected by the same morbid deposit. It

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is the only one who reports a satisfactory result of vaccination.

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sults obtained in this way, when polydipsia was not the primary symp-

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conidia, the double-contoured membrane which forms their wall

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suction curette simply with the view of effecting a more rapid

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particularly of the distal portions, deficient oxidation, and therefore a

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