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Journal of the Formosan Medi- v. 56, nos. 5-6, 11-12,
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now stated that the irregulars, while favoring the gen-
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the epiphysis and diaphysis, causing an arrest of the growth of
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"Dr. P. informed me that a similar accident had once before occurred to him,
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Obstetrical and Gynelogical Society ; President (1883) of Medical Society,
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As regards the internal pile if it be of the recent type con-
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phia and 100 at Pittsburg. The Board completed its report
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folds ; that these folds become eventually separated from each
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of idiocy, viz., intemperance in the parents. On the authority of Mr. Richards,
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14:th. Has not been watched during the night, but sometimes left alone.
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cases to be found in the literature, both in Europe and in the United
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The President requested Dr. Lack to report if there should l)e any further
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doubtful value, it is at any rate a means of exercising the muscles without
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of course, go only to the left hemisphere, so that here the case is excep-
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breast became full and distended with mUk, it gradually resumed
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He eats fairly well but does not nourish, and he speaks feebly.
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ascending frontal convolution in the neighbourhood of the foot of the third
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epithelium and restitutio ad integram, or, in the case of larger and
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fellows were scattered all over the United Stetes. He called some of
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hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics of a large medical center.
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defervescence of the fever occurred and complete resolu-
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ing the local temperature only 2° F. I Even should the
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that alcohol replaced a certain amount of food ; and " as things
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a cloak for our ignorance. The most probable hypothesis is that of an
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us to feel swelling, induration, or irregularity in the epiglottis. But to
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twice daily). He also quotes Dr. Williams, of Hay ward's
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instituted a danger not only to the affedted provinces of India
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tained in the articulation, the affected leg shoald be extended, since in this
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disappeared on the third, from which time his improve-
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of the nervous system itself, or in perverted nutrition of the
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after death. At this time the face had again become very livid, and the
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of fluid nourishment ; for when a patient is comatose, milk and beef-tea and
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and closely adherent to the surface of the heart. Heart large, surrounded with
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noted in which there was at one time a temperature of 109 40,
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Eight of these received this treatment with a good deal of relief,
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Some months after he was hurt the doctor lanced a swelling on his
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various distances apart. During the spore formation,
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