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many diseases, though from these symptoms we cannot es-

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provided there are no cracks or abrasions, and is destroyed by the

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The chief medical society of Vienna is the Academy, of which all

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closed, so that the patient appears to be asleep ; they partially cover the

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our text-books on surgery, describe this disease under the general

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fissiparously, gave to the contents of the stomach the appearance of yeast ;

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such as bathing with hot water, which may cause a pemphigus-like eruption,

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persons who have not harbored this worm at one time or another in their

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tribution of these central arteries. After the engorge-

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of the spines. The knuckles rest on the table. The patient

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and excited, during the prevalence of the epidemic, a degree of alarm,

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The definitive diagnosis of acoustic neuroma requires an

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continued secretion of bile and ihe occurrence of icterus in pylephlebi-

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cream or milk. The tube fills instantly by capillary attraction.

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escaped. As Dr. Trench very properly remarks, because one

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temperature had never been above 103°, and this occurred four , or five

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the two forms of the same disease already discussed, has, in

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An Address to the Graduates of the Medical Department of the St. Louis

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In a clinical lecture (Gaz. des Hop., Feb. 10) Prof. Hardy states that he has

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Shdph. QuinitKt gr, iij. et Ext. Hyoscyami q. s. ft. pil. every three hours,

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vessel and to empty the sac, and the order in which these

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is clouded. They were obtained from hospital cases.

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There are throe hundred and nine wood engravings and one

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[The Society by statute is permitted to elect two Permanent Members anoually

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bites of the parasite may be responsible for a toxemia which

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makes one feel that Dr. Marris is ,-i star performer among the

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joyed considerable reputation as a remedy for leprosy.

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soon rising to the full tide of dictation; usually he went on

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A Bare Complication of Diabetes Mellitus.— Zandy's i

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*Counter-clockwise from left: David Carlson, MD, Milwaukee; John Bell, MD,

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the science of medicine and a proper system of medical educa-