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New York: Edward Arnold, London, agent for Longmans,
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increased to + T 1 or 2 ; but in the later stage the
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Bridges, E. H., M.D., 692; Holmes, W. H., M.D., 692; memorial
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slow to recognize merit unless it is brought to its
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made in the parish for the purpose of presenting Mr.
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incision by Dr. Blake over McBurney's point. The peri-
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look like bacilli but can scarcely be differentiated from
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arthrodesis of the mediotarsal joint for the preven-
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before Polit/er wrote this edition of his handbook.
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and the gonorrheal urethritis, which had completely
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With the above letter to the board, it is advisable
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if people with pulmonary tuberculosis weree benfited
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at the outset a very brief resume of the main facts
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is true is indicated by such facts as the following: —
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HosiMTAi. i''0u CoNVALKSCKNTS. — A iicw departure
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a considerable quantity of pus. Two days after this
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dogs with high blood j)ressnre (l.'>2 nnn. Ifg.),
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have recurred and persisted ; such as swelling, pain
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tion of another body, which acts as a sort of fixer,
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parietal peritoneum, a drainage tube being in.serted within
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clearly traceable to a distinct individual influence,
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the lymph nodes and the number of white corpuscles.
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other children, and then only in case of necessity.
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Association, he wished, before they separated, that
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25. A. Caccini: The Duration of the Latency of Malaria after
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It will be found when the clinical history of a series
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PoirieretCharpy, '•'• Traite cV Anatomie Hamaine"
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much pain. On the following day there was slight ten-
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fourth son of John Phillips, Esq., Surgeon, Newcastle Kmlyn.
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of gallstones, if operated on early, could be cured
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transverse and longitudinal, were prepared, and they
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infected native houses as a means of staying the progress
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any injury or difficulty of a genito-urinary nature.
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