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trained women. It is computed that out of the 20,000 trained women
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College has played of late years in medical afiairs.
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February 15-18— Office Gynecology for the Primary Care Physician.
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cases it is very abrupt. Fever is probably the most constant, as well
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1905 a. — Zellenmechanik und Zellenleben -^Verhandl. d. Gesellsch. deutsch.
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adopted in the wards, and he found that Dr. Bundle favoured a system w^hich
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examined with a hand lens show white lines, which are the tubular
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In consequence of several frauds having been committed upon us by
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" IV. In some instances in which the mother has been exposed to the con-
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Antolisei e Angelini ; La Riforma Medica, October, 1889, and La Revista Cli-
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bers has been appointed an assistant surgeon, in place of Dr.
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reports from 1,099 practicing physicians in a State
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of two stages — (1) the stage immediately foUowing tlie contact
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Company, 1914. Cloth, $5.50 net. is quite plain so that it can be thoroughly
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on the dead as the living body, and are hence denominated
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cipriciousness witli wliich the pains appear in any and
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carried out, in order to the recovery of the patient and the resumption
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persist, forming septa, lying for the most part perpendicular to
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tion of this kind can also be helpful in the area of marriage relationship,
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being long, swollen, and constricted by adhesions near the csBCum.
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lems; it is outranked only by heart, cancer, and mental
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badly nourished. He was taken sick with fever in October,
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roids also contain iodin. He believes that the accumulated (evi-
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tissue in their interior, rendering them hard and tough. And it is perhaps
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in your specialty — and still receive full benefits.
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passes directly into the blood, since the urine voided during life, has been
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trami Maignen'a. | Experiments with Maignen's filters.)
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the positive on the side of the muscle, as would result from the action of an electric current
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a large amount of copper nitrate. Pettenkofer attributes
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TTtica. N. Y.. 1870-71, xxvii, 47-80.' Also. Re print. —
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this purpose, but also for treating disease of the urethra
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cian to join four Family Practitioners in multispe-
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contradict common opinion, but are at variance with clinical
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when 95 per cent, of all the cases of nasal diphtheria proved fatal ;