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matter, or in the central ganglia. The most common seat of the lesion

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be enforced, from cardio-vascular degeneration and chronic Bright's

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┬źnd Growth of Animals and Plants," and other contributions

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chemist had been exposed for several hours on two successive

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of its existence, whether of the medical profession

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laryngismus stridulus. To this malady he gave the name of diphthe-

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muscular weakness, pallor, restlessness, and well-marked dyspnoea.

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president; Dr. Wadsworth Warren, treasurer, and Dr. Louis

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difficult ground under very heavy fire to help three seriously wounded men, afterwards con-

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Another method by which the effects of alcoholics can

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corps Jihreux implanUs. Although generally growing from the

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cases is too small to warrant the conclusion that 20 per cent, represents

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tumors are almost always solid in character, and here

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prostatic lobe. In a similar way purulent secretions which lie in the

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reports the children in the Chicago public schools will no

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Ths Gazsttx is sent to everj subscriber until ordered stopped. When directed to dis-

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duce any contraction whatever, while either current applied

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This spot was marked by the presence of a small quantity of

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the first two days after her admission, but a gradual irregtilar

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this striking experiment. They mixed the poison with the food of the animal,

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water, repeating until a loud cry results. If the child

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a case of fracture of the head of the humerus complicated with

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My dear friend Stephens was never weary in telling me about

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One of the most useful Societies in France is, beyond doubt,

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which varied in each case. The kidneys of the animals, therefore, possess diuretic

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certain specimens selected for us, as is generally the case.

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lar action, was treated by me two years ago bv this apparatus. It was

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