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no means reached the advantage which I aim to secure.

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from the charge of unnecessary cruelty. Although he dis-

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The bile or gall of the ox is used as a tonic, laxative,

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drug. Common laudanum must not however establish the rule

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Caldwell. When he in the spirit looks back over the path of his wan-

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When they have been applied for some time the patient bends his legs

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Influence of Concentration of CaCh on pH Inside Minus pH Outside and on P.D.

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Christie, James, M.D., Consulting Physician to the Royal Infirm-

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venous pressure prevents absorption, these are the most favourable con-

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method dangerous both to the maternal tissues and the fingers of the

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primary symptom. In the cases just cited it occurred from

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In the third class of cases intoxication produces a

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test are constant, this is strongly indicative of a neuro-

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paper. His work covers a period of • eight years. Thirty-

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been continued. Beginning December 26, the exposures

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riod develop somewhat larger club-shaped extremities.

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with this was a similar case in the girls' ward. Both

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siderable thirst and occasional nausea. Has passed urine and freces involuntarily

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Lyons, G. A., New Eoclielle, Westchester Co. Original.

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tion quickens, and its cells multiply, until even the veins

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in the early stages of the disease. If you give, then,

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flat articular surface. The cavity which is left in the

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Sir, — It has been asked if there are any editorial writers upon

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present prevalence of a change of type in disease ;

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Case 2. — Tiie p .tient in this ease was a male, aged

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1891, 1, 490.— Fraenkel. EntfernunL' ernes Eiserrsplit-

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briefly cite his description of these, and it will be convenient to mention, at '

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cal solution, properly diluted, forms a useful external application,

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literature weio removed during the transition that oc-

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wound and is giving rise to no symptoms. Another class of

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colored pus. The patient's condition forbade an extended oper-

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paralyzed, so we will cut that out. If the first symptom had

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livings well. One child died much in the same condition as this

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The white-cell picture was one that may be seen in myelogenous

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been due to pneumonia. The defendants were first tried for

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hooks, similar to those of certain varieties of Tmnia. Experi-

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than one tentli of a grain for the Avhole. There Avas also

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the chemical rays penetrate it much better, as I have de-

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and had suffered irregularly for eighteen months from metror-

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