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those of firmer consistence where fusiform cells greatly predominate. One

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The fenestrated plaster bandages are good for fixing the limb, but

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Etiology of Spontaneous Pyemia. — It is unquestionable that

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E. Zakrzewska, and has been supported by personal dona-

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should be done, and care must be taken not to perforate

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sioning of Soldiers, with the Official Documents on

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still continued, and there was a certain amount of tenderness

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beat, in a great measure, under the influence of a purely physical law.

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of practice is, in general, to imitate nature, and let the matter out.

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• l^atea to go to St. Paul and do everything in their power to-

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mise kicked the entire issue of nursing home regulation to the

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length for the movement over its surface of a milled-

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The large square T. O. W. N. represents the city of Norwalk.

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ing and the facial appearance, besides the physical

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with. Gross lesions (cirrhosis) are rare. The spleen

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ties, though the trunk may be involved also. The conjunctivae

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the world; the organization of a proper clinic in the

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that the most common of them all is fever, chiefly malarial. But when he

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legs, where he could not be certain if it was hot or cold ;

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37. Plimmer, R. H. A., Dick, M., and Lieb, C, C: A Metabolism Experiment

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law requiring this regulation, and in his last annual report the following

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have been caused by a minute fragment of steel which had imbedded

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cases should be regarded as pompholyx; but I have observed many

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1843. Though most common on the 14th day, this period was passed

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being the initial lesion. But the disease is seldom dis-

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however, since the substitution of the ^i^raseur for cutting instruments ; 2d,

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intrinsic tehdency to destroy life, fapid growth, rectlfreriee after

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of a tendon or the periosteum, the pus may find exit

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stimulation of their coats relieve the heart ; blood press-

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cal literature, and he yearns for some mild, gentle literary

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Human body, relations of height and weight in, 213 ;

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viz. 1st, That of Treil/,§ who regards changes in the alimentary canal to be

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The Diagnostic Value of the Rontgen Ray in Surgery — /. W. Squires,

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the clouds, but " vacantly," i. e., without accommo-