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tion in connection with insomnia, pallor, intestinal indigestion,

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rigid. Did not complain of any abdominal pain. AVasmuch

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virulence in the animal body or the human body, the cause for which

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"expectant" school, that their practice is merely to look on

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be forgotten that in the late stages of many maladies of chronic course

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mammary, in the gastro-intestinal or genito-urinary tract, or in the bone.

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unwary, into a measure which their more mature deliberation

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increased until the patient takes a total of 2 drams, or the valerianate


be a peculiar manifestation of enteric fever because

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with the entire structure, whereas in the knee-joint the lymphatics are fewer

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Case lxxx. — Chronic Phthisis. Miliary tubercles in lungs

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lose their tone; the inspirations are less perfect, and at longer inter-

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as entirely safe in labor. Kolliker, whose paper no

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tige of the liver to be found; in its stead was a fatty tumor that

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explains why the scourge remains limited in most cases to the seashore and

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manure. In the latter case the tubercle bacilli are coughed up, swal-

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diameter teing concerned, and not the sub-oecipito bregraatic. In other

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each the title of epidemic ; or we shall be driven to regard a large number of

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physicians who not only ignore 8U(;h facts in their practice and

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the bronchi towards the larynx, but also towards the circumference of

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usual employment, in consequence of pains in his right shoulder, arm, and side. On

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a stick or other object is presented to him, he seizes it with power, and

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our own adherents. Not a crumb has come to us, voluntarily,

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Annual Meeting, second Tuesday in April, at Bridgeport; semi-annual

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to be most conservative in the statements that he gives

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recommended a consultation, which they wished deferred

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high degree of putrefaction, they were still hard to cut, and evinced

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the tissues, and are carried along by the blood-vessels and the lymphatics, ana form a

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to me, in part, or perhaps wholly, the chrome-silver precipitate, and restains

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patient remains at rest, it becomes a dangerous condition

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