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Neither henna nor indigo is harmful to either the scalp or the

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Occurs under the arm. They are usually caused by habitual

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or, better, applied as in the steam-rooms of well-equipped hospitals,

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with inflammatory conditions of the tubes and ovaries ;

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pyaemia, we have also metastatic or embolic suppuration in

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has been demonstrated in the thin white layer commonly seen just

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finger-tips and incurvation of the nails. There may be bulging of the

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A stable was separated into two distinct compartments. In

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mcd. Wock., January 6 and 13, 1898) has made an experimental study in

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apparatus, with the requisite number of tubes and masks, I

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increase of the prostatic discomfort, had occurred about the

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sounds and of the vocal resonance over the dull and tympanitic areas, while

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enough to derive benefit from its use. I have found it pecu-

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cervical and all thoracic vertebras, supraspinous liga-

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admitted into the London Fever Hospital were the subjects of careful observation, I

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just behind the angle of the lower jaw. This may be safely cut

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Glucose-agar and dog's serum-agar proved useless as a medium

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in the country, seven months after her confinement, her speech

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a large grooved sound is introduced into the urethra. Then the peri-

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and hypotonic, greatest in legs, right arm and neck. Bi-

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ity to procure for themselves wholesome and nutritious food,

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decreased libido— all infrequent, generally controlled with dosage reduction;

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5. "What is the therapeutical action of nitrate of silver, externally and

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than Turpentine, more sure than Pomegranate, less bulky and less

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of tinft. of opium, five drops of ipecacuanha wine, and two grains of

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thumbs drawn in to the palms. Pupils dilated: joints stiffened,

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most thorough and valuable work, and we are looking forward

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as greenness over the lower abdomen, about the pudendum, on the inside