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Fever, and there are few on the nature, causes, and treatment
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Poisons and Antidotes, Artificial Respiration, and a variety of other contents of immediate value in every day
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measures, but purgation is to be avoided. Constipation will be considered
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not expanded; and the loud murmur, obvious upon auscultation
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introduced into the system ; characters pertaining to the diseases show
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liant diagnosis has been corroborated by instances in which, under similar
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that its form and size are sufficient to cause obstruction more or less com-
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the gastro-intestinal transudation and sustaining to the latter a causative
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strait — ^and thus not only give time for the ligamenta rotunda
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two products, exactly opposite opinions are held b}^ different pathologists
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changes. Some persons possess or acquire the faculty of voluntary regur-
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mean time, cathartics will be likely to increase the invagination and dimin-
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RemarTcB, — This case appears to me a very interesting one
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da}^, 22 grains ; on the seventh day, 8 grains, after which the treatment
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is not always easy. Lesions are to be suspected if the diarrhoea follow
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tion satisfactorily, if the causes determining the quantit}^ of blood which
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circulation is mechanically impeded. Under these circumstances, the red
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nation of the case in every respect, I think it cannot be con-
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braced under the name Bright's disease. Occurring in this connection, it
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cent, pyrogallic ointment for two weeks. This poison-
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or blackish, its appearance approximating to that of the meltenic stools
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to pressure upon the iliac veins. The genital organs may become more
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that a fine silver probe was passed with diflficulty through it, and water
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any purpose for a week, and during this time he w\as entirely alone. He
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prompt, complete, and permanent relief procured by the hydragogue ope-
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thoracic aneurism rarely have pulmonary tuberculosis.
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' For statistics showing the relative frequency of the evacuation of hepatic ab-
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or the expulsion of gas with relief. This variety is most apt to occur in
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showed considerable gastric tympanites. He declared that he could not
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ing reference to the absorption of liquid, and the substitution of measures
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tomical elements which these bodies contain in health, the process being
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medical knowledge. Treatises are specially devoted to it, and these are
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years, 1832 and 1849. In 1888, the percentage from consump-