Phenergan Controversy

The symptoms and signs of rheumatic endocarditis vary with the
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one remarks the manner in which many of the most precious lives
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or unwholesome surroundings are favorable to the development
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These are the nerves of sight and convey the impressions of objects
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patient feels greatly relieved. In certain cases, however, the phenom-
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dyles is a notch which is filled with a corresponding elevation at the
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these two forms constitute distinct diseases. The mild form is re-
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Wollaston and Tennant, in 1797, announced as the result of anal-
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and constant heat of the summer has become established, the heat of
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phraseology which describes it. A headache is often due to inaction
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arterial degeneration in whom the aorta has become atheromatous.
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monia and from some other febrile maladies, and also in a case of lymphatic
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ated gout, is usually manifested by a considerable number of disor-
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reabsorbed from this latter situation, they leave behind them certain
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conceptions as to the origin of uric acid in the econonay, and the significance
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" either in the English, French, or Latin language,"
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how. They are destroyed with great difficulty after they have
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tlie part of nric acid may occur in those fluids or in the tissues that
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two diseases are not apparently related, nor are they antagonistic.
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regarded as composed of a secretion of the renal epithelium; on the other
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Ruhmkorph coil connected with a Crookes tube. The portion of
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radical dei)arture from the normal standard of healthy function
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depends upon healthy food and a proper supply, also upon exercise,
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ing the intervals between the attacks, the patient soon degenerates
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order, with great increase of general comfort ; and
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uric acid and urea is about 1:35. Now, if this proportion be dis-
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central area of blindness for blue and yellow has been observed after recovery
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should be touched as often as once a week with a saturated solution
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tives, has sometimes been rewarded with the renewal of articular
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Mix. Apply to one square inch of surface only at a time. This
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fact that the visceral manifestations of true rheumatism are not met
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sis hitherto advanced. It possessed, moreover, the advantage of
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Hospital — Its construction and organization — The V^andcrbilt
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Superintendent Clifton Springs Sanitarium; I^te Resident Physician the
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A generous dose of quinine taken every morning before going out
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This observer and those who think with him believe that the phenomena
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It represented the best endeavors of the profession
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especially liable to it. Any depressing influences which unfavorably
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joints. And the joint inflammation of acute rheumatism is the only
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Formerly they were regarded as of much more importance than at
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The disease with which they appear to be most frequently associated
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way, the recumbent position causes its cessation, and the distribution of
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