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speed approximating 70,000 miles per second. The flight of
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mind and body ; but it is at best a great improvement
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pelled to vomit after an injection containing apomorphine,
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spicuous ; and his experience led him to confirm all that Professor Sayre had
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horses (77, 17.476), panthers, and lions or boars (77. 17.20). This
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able than from Csesarean section, even when performed under
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case. The author of the operation, Bassini, has not performed as
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the beginning, and the many localizations show that it is not
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occasion the disease. In the aged, enlarged prostate, chronic
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"water; diluted sulphuric acid is added until neutralization
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the neck, back and joints and the cramping persisted, preventing him
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neck. Concluded it was from the iodine, and directed it to be dis-
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pans," and is carried so far that the volume of the milk is reduced to about
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patient's need for services generally available only in a hospital
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is split into layers which are elevated to various distances, the
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** Those cases seem also to be unfavorable in which paralysis, even though
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men, by the cultivators of the divine art of healing.
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posteriorly to the seat of the lesion are distributed. If the
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items fail to meet the quality of care standard, the notice
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thesia to prevent it from feeling pain. This rules out
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problem of inventoiy depletion, the practice of dispensing a partial quantity
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evacuation of the bowels should be secured, and the
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side, and increase the anesthesia ; later force the jaws
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reinsures for losses over 500,000 dollars on each individual claim. It is to be hoped that the
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in moderation, as it always should be, no bad result will
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and then only such appUcations as relieve pain and neutralise or prevent
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water, add the acid in quantity just sufficient to dis-
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stiffly while palpating, will produce in the fingers a temporary
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I have had under this treatment for varying periods ' fol-
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Example. — An officer in the Horse Guards developed horse asthma and so
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phia, in the cvejiing; and, when the pain is unoommonlv severe, we
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those in the region of the left shoulder, with partial sweats upon
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blood, wishes to advertise himself while playing the r81e of
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disease, pseudo-leukjBmia, etc. There is also a form of antemia, which
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meeting of this society was held Friday, February 7,
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In the minds of many intelligent and thoughtful physicians there is,
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characterised by a tendency to delusion, occurring in deeply-tainted