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ventricle, and mechanical enlargement of the auriculo-ventricular

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rance. This constant, unceasing struggle on my part was imperative in consequence

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enlarged. It was attached above to the psose muscles, on the right

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regret the movement and the kind of success which it has obtained. It

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Not all mammals are equally prone to contract tuberculosis, and

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benign cases may at first be mistaken either for intestinal colic or for

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Lienaux, Nat. Veterinary College, Cureghem, Belgium.

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from Dr. Murchison, as quoted in Mr. James Lewis's very suggestive

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injections of two and a half drachms of ether were given ; four drachms

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Dr. Root — Dbab Sib: I inclose to you an extract from a letter written tome

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Dr. Claud Muirhead read a paper entitled Notes of Cases

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but is usually of a deep tint, very vascular, and in exceptional cases

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pricked with a needle, diabetes is produced. Now, if this condition be

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special methods. We were therefore led to inquire what becomes

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not stated. 55th day dis- 9. Better, no suffering except on movement. 14. Has sound. 38. Heart sounds natm-al.

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were healing. The orchitic swelling was as large as a hazel nut.

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patient was secured to the table and operated on by M. Almy.