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weeks ; the perfect repose in which they are thus kept enables

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patient, a boy of 10, was admitted on January 5th, and had been

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is that destructive lesions of an irritative character, whether gross or

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The doctor knows that what this patient needs is a long vacation, away from

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He experienced a similar sensation in the cheek and mouth of

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Portsmouth during the mutiny of the fleet. The greatest difliculty

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malignant tertian, because we force the meaning of the word tertian to describe a

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M.D., National Institutes of Health; and Ronald Grossman,

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with Ovulen or Demulen may mask the onset of the climacteric. The pathologist

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or other changes were observed in their structure. During the

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board, the extending bands should be detached from it and reapplied as

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Each heart immediately went into visible ventricular fi-

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consequence, such fat being, before it is finally disposed of,

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limited portion in the occipital region, a part correspond-

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There were, however, some very suspicious scars of former ulcerations

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tiou ill the shape of u thickened muscular structure, uud of a

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671; Wollfhiigel.zur lehro vom luftwechael,57l; Year-book of treat-

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than it is without great riak to life. Nevertheless, with such

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these areas to prevent contamination exposures. In partic-

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am really very ill, — so much so that the writing of a

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tracted firmly around the tube which could be corked,

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good recovery followed the operation. Dr. House exhibited

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different relative amounts and probably in different combinations v\dthin

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pulse assumed its normal form, as seen in Fig. 14, on the

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intensely. As there was only a slight amelioration of the symtpoms

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of each, other, and was fond of using names chosen on pur-

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in froi^r has been h'-ased or is amusing himself with hoaxing others,

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the following points have been established by post-mortem

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