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be afforded for the establishment and organisation of this
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of cysticerci in the brain. Formerly it was impossible
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can be dissected up above a tumor with the finger in the rectum
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the wound.^ Here a small strip of gauze was introduced into the peri-
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succeeded him, and they have been numerous, contented themselves
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and speculum, I found not a trace of pus clear down to
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and uncomplicated cataracts that have been extracted by
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Present state. — December 13, 1858. Upon examining the
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a forest ; but the term " forest " does not necessarily imply the
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S^ three or four spots resembling the preceding, with a small
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in 1825, that loss of speech and of the memory of words is an
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for some years, under the influence of the English opposition to all
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Scarlet Fever ; common symptoms, fever an eruption occur once
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general than we have in this country. The student there
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acter. The carbonic acid gas, and the animal poison
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prognosis and give rise to dysenteric symptoms; amebic,
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five to eight weeks is the most that can be hoped for. A mixture
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were better known. In more than one place he refers to the Report
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medicine in recent years has been characterized by a somewhat
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Cy.sticercus subcouiunctivalis bulbi. Szeiu6szet. Buda-
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suppuration was prevented in most of the cases, and relief obtained in all.
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Lewis — On August 15, at 27, Dorset-place, Portman-square, the wife of
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chest films the difference in film cost alone amounts
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afterwards springing up in many points, rapidly coalesces ; and
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between mental and physical makeup, and that boys have
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jected by means of these nerves." * No sensory impres-
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be carried in the bowel of a seemingly healthy person. These
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fully cut them away close to the living tissues, leaving a clean
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ogy of primary breast lymphomas may provide further
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the use, whenever possible, of machinery in place of handwork, will, as
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hospital statistics do not represent the truth as regards case mortality.
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the class called reflex or sensori-motor is, after its first perform-
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author cited sterilizes his iodoform as follows : He makes
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hands are washed in the patient's room, or room ad-
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Boardman, M.D., MontpeUer ; C. A. Gale, M.D. Rutland.
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mistakable talent, but I fail to discover any evidence
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an exostosis, but it was not painful, and I could get no
Blood examination: 1. A very few organisms of medium size, filling
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accompanied by a retardation or partial stagnation of the current ; on