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time of injury was 34.8 years (range 22. 1 to 64.6 years), and

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Bung guts, gross.— Floating colon and rectum combined is called the bung gut, and bung guts,

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E. Detection of Cavities, Consolidated Lung, and Pleural Effusion.

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cal Relations of the Cerebellum to the Remainder of the

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the beginning of anesthesia, if the blood pressure be considered as equal to

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suprarenal capsule was then administered in three grain doses,

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complication existed. Although there was prostration it

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anaesthesia, if any, and no blindness or strabismus.

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in the urogenital system, are valuable points in the discrimination.

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Bacteriological examination: Right tonsil 50, left 50, and vault no colonies of

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9, 1851), a case of this, very rare accident, in a powerful muscular man, 50

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resorted to, apparently with good effect. The patient was discharged

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Mr. Rose's cases, which our limits preclude us from re-

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ander Hill believes the so-called " thorns " to be organic structures which

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Association was held in the hall of the Scottish Nurses' Club,

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