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affected joint or tophus, or is given in the form of an electric lithion bath.
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Dr. A. McR. Crouch, Wilmington : It has been a pleasure to hear
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. celery salt or ^ a head of celery, an onion, a small piece of butter,
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to the disappearance of albumin and hyaline casts from the urine,
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open principles, giving superior advantages, in charge of experienced Res-
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The absence of pain, tenderness, vomiting, and the constitutional symp-
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high temperature (105° or 106°), rapid pulse, a dusky-red hue of the
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The rabid howl becomes more frequent, and the ra^ and disposition to
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in terminating labor, but I am sure without administer a hypodermic of pituitary ex-
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which soon after was transferred to Media, where it
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alcoholic filtrates were united, evaporated to dryness, dissolved in water, and
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Nose injections of a solution of Alum (20 grains to
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there are other causes which may convert the hyper-
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swizzle stick. It is a very good and harmless drink when
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tioned are definitely conclusive as to the existence of
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tion of nitrate of silver once a day, and washes the eye
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The pressed Oil of Pumpkin Seed may be given instead of the above