Steroids Side Effects In Premature Babies

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Case \1. — (Reported by H. Campbell Thompson, Lancet, October,
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man who himself proved to be a successful healer, but
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lower part of the stem a curved form, thereby preventing any iiiiiialion
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siderable. Every symptom became diminished in severity, and the painful
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the myxoma is derived, as the fatty tumour is from adipose tissue, and the
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spots of retinal blindness. It is true that the patient was
steroids side effects in premature babies
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ledged, and whatever errors may be found in this sys-
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nurses, probationers, and assistants. At the close of IcLst
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that the two demonstrators of the year were untried
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a day. Nov. 9th. — Friction heard more distinctly at same spot. Otherwise as
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of classification for the subjects of mineralogy ; the external
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lar weakness ; in other words, the improved power ob-
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Chart 2. Yellow fever vaccination, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 1918-1919.
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time without the use of any styptic except iced spray of dioxide hydro-
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F trunk or abduction ; adduction, however, could be performed without
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sequently followed by those of depression, and finally by general paral-
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Palliative trephining. — There can, I think, be no question that in some
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ing manner: Raw catgut is immersed in oil of juniper for two weeks,
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ditions are essential to success. Is^. That the granulations are
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fields ; 22, direct myeloM:erebellar tract ; 24, dentate nucli
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firm bony union to the rapid healing of the soft parts, and the lessened
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spectrum of legislation as it relates to government
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danger itself. Similarly if morphia be used it will
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questions upon all these points are asked, and that information is sought from
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times be lefl, though the surgeon may suppose that the whole have beea
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had taken place, although the absence of all swelling and effusion, as well as
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abscess formation, a soft tissue mass or soft tissue
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escape of the urine, and a complete suppression is suddenly in-'
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strable child tuberculosis in one hundred and fifty-six, or 18.5%.
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is produced instead of the ordinary blue tinge ; on boiling, the colour changes
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tices there was some mitigation of the symptoms. The pro-
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like the other four claimed for the would-be patentee the discovery
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because the physicians retain control over the practice
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in these cases there was some central nervous lesion. He
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rious attempts, more or less successful, have been made to demonstrate that this
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caped black vomit, but had been attacked by symptoms which might
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have all been unfavorable from this standpoint. Notwithstand-
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good citizens and because their professional training specially qualifies
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tion has a number of disadvantages. Two of the main