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both of humanity and of medical finance. He suggests that the phy-
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pig, which showed a little encysted abscess in the peritoneum.
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and to Sir Astley bequeathed his uterus." There can be no doubt that any physi-
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the upper half of the parotid region, but persisted in the lower. Imme-
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on extensive ruptures in the central portion of the diaphragm, are
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reports and other matters of medical interest : — The Indian Medical Gazette,
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by careful examination after hardening in spirit, it was found that the
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that sudden death not unfrequently occurs. Sudden death, too, is a
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(Ipswich), E.\hibition of a Stump after Amputation near the Knee-joint:
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they should not be kept in malarious districts — they always get a bad
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wall showed a swelling as large as a turkey's egg, yellowish white in
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cians of this city, without receiving any relief. The severity of the disease was
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cardiac disease, pneumonia only proves fatal when followed by com-
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Dr. H. K. Root, New York — Dear Sir : The latter part of last summer, my
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success: admirable and well-concentrated buildings in which to hold
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thrusting aside the bony walls, especially the external, invade neigh-
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globinuria are to be found in the blood and muscles.
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further medical examination? I am, etc., RusTict;s.
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contracted and wrinkled. The liver was large and yellowish brown in
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is produced." " For this augmentation of gases, the intestines arc in
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If we do so, we complicate the observations, and we deprive ourselves
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produce sufficiently marked effects to remove the lameness, but as the
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Cuckfield Union, whom he has attended for more than fifty years.
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The suggestion was first made by Humphry, and carried out by
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returned as before ; the horse fell when picking up some hay from the
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hours, keeping attendants on the watch all night ; instances of ptosis
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groups of muscles, especially of the adductors of the hind limbs and
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tion, were it only temporarily, it is surely a valuable addition to our
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