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in consequence of which their sensitiveness has been impaired.

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directed forward, while the fourth is turned posteriorly, and clinging

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found associated in the same case. When the ascitic and

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by Potain. "In a fair number of cases it is clear that the nephritis is

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interval, generally a week, was left after administration

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periods of from three to six months, there was in every instance

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be added that, if the consolidated patch be imbedded in the substance of

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the effluent from a filter-bed should be wasted until the bacteriological

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tion, we find that he and Semon, prior to and including the year 1896,

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Lord Beaconsfield says: " I have sometimes half believed, although

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bag to carry it in, but I prefer filling it with instruments,

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although I used a very sharp scalpel. The dissection be-

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1 P.M. — London, 1-.30 p.m. — Great Northern, 2 p.m. —

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Gehuchten that the degeneration of the cells in the columns

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In the treatment of diseases involving danger to life, the mode of dying

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anxiety, hemorrhage, hereditary predisposition, and certain remedies. Included

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denly burst in his head," with momentary loss of conscious-

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first professional examination may be admitted to the second

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136, March 1955. 4. Statements of American Heart Associa-

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The Philadelphia county delegation, to whom the subject was refer-

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A Case of Visceral Tetany, Causing Acute Cholangitis

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be washed or repapered. For fumigating infected rooms, and

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Investigations of Valentin, Volkmann, Kdlliker and others, on Minute Ana-

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greatly heighten the mortality." Injections of car-

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per 100,000) was six times higher. In New York prisons,

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myelitis is invariably fatal. In other cases recovery attended

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tion in the large majority of cases, for obvious reasons.