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M'Grigor for the latency of the poison is seventeen days, while
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distress anses from such a cause. The first case is a verv in-
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otor nerves ; and that certain mental emotions which are accompa-
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On the 15th November he had diarrhoea, which ceased under
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marriage licenses, according to the congenialties of the parties
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I am not prepared to deny, with the absoluteness of these writers,
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Contributions of original art:icles, correspondence, personal items, etc. , should be sent to the publishers,
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In a few cases relapses have been reported ; compli-
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several classes, for they come up with more or less
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never kills with that suddenness observed in deaths from chlo-
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composed of a superior and inferior pediculo- parietal and sphenoidal
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at present is a peculiar one : it has lost that veneration which,
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p(issu with the size of the tumor, the age of the patient,
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cerns frequency and gravity are cardiac failure, the paralyses
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blood-blisters had formed and several had broken, leav-
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Another cause could be explained possibly by a cerebral embolism.
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these are often irremediable disease ; we ought to know the symptoms of
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Gangrene Due to Periarteritis" in a man aged 31, by occupa-
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corpuscles), exposed to the air, chemically changed
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is present. When the disorder has been long drawn out, and has
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and treatment ; but, strange to say, we are to-day as much
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100, and to my surprise she made an uninterrupted recovery.
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pass in a direction corresponding with the horizontal plane of
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As a result of congestion of the passive kind, due to disease of the
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these claims, I feel sure, are due to too brief an observa-
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called the ultra violet rays, becomes visible beyond the violet band
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as we have pointed out, by the judicious administration of food. Bat
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the slightest doubt in my own mind that they properly be-
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would attain infinitely more value if every case of fever entering it
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November 14th with pain in the right side of the chest ;
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Many accusations of disease carrying have been made against the rat.
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gives such prompt relief as venesection, the freedom
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12th. — Quantity of urine much increased. Abdomen measures 31 inches. Nov. 22d.
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owing to his own labours and initiative that the societies of the Red Cross
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done with an interval of several days between them — first,
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always irregular and ceased at the age of forty-nine.
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DIAGNOSIS. "When this affection is developed with marked symptoms
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only at night are called FUaria nocturna) obtain access to the peri-
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or over night at o° C, with a great excess of hen's corpuscles and
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