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nels, particularly along the dorsimi of the penis, are involved, they are

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almost uniformly similar in their chief features, however the other

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Hale White (Churchill, 7s. 6d.) will be found useful by our correspon-

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once by adding i or 2 drops of strong nitric acid, when the fluid at

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said he would write a letter to the members of Dr. Hadden's

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poses to internal inflammations as chill of the surface when wet with

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in persons with chronic interstitial nephritis lends support to this view;

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to-day) are ill-paved, but well lighted and efficiently watched.

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bladder, which has been previously distended, is hooked up,

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Treatment. — For aortic stenosis the best treatment is by aconite

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1. Wednesday.— On the Structure, Functions, and Pathology

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up to the standard of the samples sent to us— which is not

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for what he had discovered, but for the impression he had

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adrenals is to destroy a certain class of effete red corpuscles of the

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moderate fever, and pain in the legs and back. In acute cases there

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such deposits do elsewhere, namely, by gradually extending and en-

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looking the presence of the small bodies, called parathyroid. Usually

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question, Mr. Fowler said that if the Local 'lovernmcnt Board thought it

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contractility when it is lost in very small muscles, such as the interossei

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famine expenditure because it is, in the strictest possible

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It is to be h(q)ed that but few physicians will be called upon to

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It is satisfactory to note that the Government and the Sani-

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welcoming the Convention to St. Louis, referred to the

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apparatus. For the present it may be taken as not yet proved

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emptyhanded. His favourite form of mental recreation was

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be an exceedingly soft, well-marked spheroidal-celled carci-

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personal interests of every member of the profession engaged

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The Rede Lecture, before the University of Cambridge, was

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cussion, while analogous phenomena appear on auscultation, in small

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it tends to be progressive, as will be more fully described in the sec-