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each preparation. These extracts were tested against each of the varieties

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Heusseb, Th. Ein Fall von primarer Actinomycose der Lungen. Berl. klin.

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observe ourselves, or which are properly reported to us, may be as-

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and that, so far as known, the parasites give rise to no serious pathologic lesions.

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tangled in water, and then present regularly-formed casts of the bron-

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tened, so much the more is its capacity diminished, even although its

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* Taufal. Aktinomykose des Mi ttelohres. Pr a g. med. Wchnsch. (1894).

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the pulse, are reduced. Sometimes the temperature goes down an entire

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during typhus, septicaemia, cholera, etc., cannot be referred to a

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violent bodily efforts, immoderate use of spirits, great mental excite-

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tinued pressure, or else dense fibrinous deposits upon the compressed

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with a solution of nitrate of silver (gr. iv — 3 ss to 1 j), or cauteriza-

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* Cleveland, R. A. A case of mycetoma in Cyprus. Journ. Trop. Med., ( 1907 ) ,

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selves, or each other, and to science. A thorough review was

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of it is taken into the blood ; hence a moderate degree of obstruction

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The Pkesident stated that it would be impossible to com-

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of vomiting. In other cases the autopsy gives no explanation of the

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aorta with difficulty. Hence the effect of hypertrophy, especially of

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ulcers, accompanying the condylomata in the larynx, existed in any of

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interstitial substance and the connective tissue about the gland. The

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In the article on the pathology of inflammation, especially

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