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Histological study of the lesions of acute eczema shows that the

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of vomiting. He does not, however, find it act as a special check on

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pulse feeble ; the respiration was more regular. Respiration 42 ; pulse

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no influence in the aetiology ; cases are as numerous in males as in

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belief in their extreme raiity than from knowledge of their pathological

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and old-standing pulmonary lesions, hypertrophy of the heart and

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on falling ofT, left behind a slight ulceration or merely a dry red spot.

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follow our experiments, we give the results below in tabular form.

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shed ; at least they should be removed to a new stable and the infected

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mation of the tissues of the phalanx, with enormous swelling and

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above 40° C. (104° F.), in several even above 41° C. (105*8° F.).

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stating that it had improved, but that the ascites had returned. The

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standing upright the back was strongly arched ; the limbs were placed

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Resolution, announced bj' improvement in the general symptoms,

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aifected with small-pox. Now, as 95S beds are specially set apart in

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val uable treatise. — Prof. Boicoe li. BelU in the American Veterma/ry

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toration, pulmonary crepitation, and a condition in which tliere is dul-

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suffers from acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pre-

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"The lower and lateral surfaces of the tongue showed several ecchy-

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Sunday morning, signed by the Empress Regent and all the Ministers,

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meduUary disease,* a congestive neurosis, which progresses by

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coming more prevalent. These affections of the bowels, though they

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Whilst playing in the stable it was kicked, and on being examined

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was decidedly softer in some places than in others. A small trochar

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and defended them with success against the attacks of

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31. Six-year-old gelding, left in hospital on the 26th October, 1897.

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changes are simply congestive ; the liver is very large and engorged

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the doubts which have recently been thrown on the identity of

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sion, and consequently an increased flow of water from the kidneys, as

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ing One Horse, a Pair, Four-ln-hand, or Tandem, etc

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occurred around the cyst, and had infiltrated the substance of the