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the three principal remedies in common use, and substituting others in their stead, after
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Cauterization of the Urethra. — Lallemand, who has
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Operation for the Relief of Valve Formation and Stricture
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louse is no more likely to find a fresh host than by remaining where it
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cases are particularly apt to be sent to the Boston Ly-
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as from sound. Both perception and accommodation soon cause fatigue.
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contain special fibres whose function is to regulate the nutrition of
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properties of mercury first came to light, mercurial
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mass of valuable practical information on the subjects
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4-Chloroacetylaminopyrocatechol. — 50 g. of the crude aminopyrocate-
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size of a hen's egg above it. The scapula was pushed away from the ribs.
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portion of the efffervescing liquid was that which was
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Table F) on Sept. 21st, 1886, rectified the deformity in a
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that they belong to the somatist school of psychologists, as
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Merely washing out the vagina with a weak solution (one or two per
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urine and the amount of uric acid eliminated by the
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