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fluid within the neural canal is such as to form a tumor. The only
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lips or mouth, as they likewise may become poisoned. A crucial incision
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physical &\gr\s ot comj)ression arc merely tlioso of the causative condiLioa,
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many severe and fatal cases are accompanied by only slight glandular en-
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which are found at the j^oints subjected to great pressure.
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Patency of the ductus arteriosus is a rare condition ; in a case where it
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diseases may set up ; such as broncho-pneumonia, septicemia, pyemia,
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common use in the sick room. On the subject of medical instruction the Secre-
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gland, especially in the aged. When there is a large accumulation of this
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Where the foreign body is small, and falls down into the bronchus, it
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tributaries, from pressure on the portal vein— either from hepatic and
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and grafting it in between the divided ends of the nerve. This operation
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These purgatives are irritating to the mucous membrane of the bowel,
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In impacted fracture of the neck of the humerus, the head is driven
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Frequently, there coexists cleft palate, spina bifida, club-foot, etc.
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face of the lung, they can readily be felt. Their more frequent seat is at
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pyogenic gauirrene is cstahlisheil, while in another a neopliu^ni is developed,
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a protracted case of this fever, are, to a certain extent, the result of this
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important : — in cirrhosis it is one of chronic alcoholismus, gout, rheuma-
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a bladder distended with calculi. When a gall-stone becomes impacted
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by the sloughing bed-sores which form in adynamic fevers and exhausting-
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It is distinguished from 'pneumonia by the absence of a chill followed by
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des(iuamative stage of scarlet fever, our suspicions should be aroused, and
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of epithelial cells which have pushed down through the basement mem-
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tuherculosis. If, therefore, ])atients with acute tuherculosis may go tlirough
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ening until on the seventeenth day a deep-brown crust is formed having a
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Laryngeal diphtheria occurs most frequently in children ; the younger the
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often obscure; there is difficulty in swallowing, pain, exhaustion, hem-
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surface may be covered over with a muco-purulent secretion, or may pre-
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tions from the same point. These irregularities may be felt. In de-
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abscesses, ulcers or cancer. Putrefaction in bronchiectatic or phthisical
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normal in force, after a time all air will be expelled, and the dry, tough
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Hypertrophic Xasal Catarrh is a chronic catarrhal inflammation,
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proportion of one to thirty. The cause of the round duodenal ulcer is the
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significance which is to be attached to the presence or absence of bacilli in