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meant small-pox occurring in individuals who have been protected by a

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afternoons off, and no more spring breaks — the real world has begun.

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deplete them and render them less liable to bleed. Thus, then,

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copious than in older subjects. Intestinal hemorrhage is rare and per-

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vomiting may occur, the latter being one of the most characteristic

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In the annual report of the Medical Oiiicer of Health of Xova

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places of amusement, and particularly our churches and our

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of Physicians and Surgeons did not teach, yet through its council

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tion is very painful. Catheterization, particularly if the urethra (as is

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The cases, however, are insufficient to warrant deductions.

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each other by inch pipes. The first cylinder receives the water

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the tone of the intestines, enhancing their functional activity, while

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bles. Nelaton was his surgeon, and when he was about fifty-

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abuse of alcohol, and the next is gout, followed by other less

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■weeks, during Avhich the patient (usually a child) is pale, peevish, has

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trolled with any degree of certainty without these accurate aids.

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showing the signs of physical or mental fatigue, or concomitant

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distinct. As already stated, lobar pneumonia may early complicate in-

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