Triamterene/ Hydrochlorothiazide Pharmacological Class

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except in tissues which themselves contain muscular fibres. After the

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but two cases of tuberculosis, the two which had reactcd.

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to the physical and natural sciences, but is in these exceedingly

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fiEtus during labor. Proc. Phila. Co. M. Soc. 1887, Phila.,

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sions — a digest in which that which is old and that which is

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vast majority of the cases of albuminuria in m&laria. 2. An

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Med. and Surg. Journ.," vol. cxxxiii., No. 24; "" Post Graduate," vol.

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prevalence but in mortality rate, may be mentioned first small-pox.

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precautions recommended by him {Centrlabl. ficr Gynak.y

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their propensity to hybernate has in some instances been obviat-

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having destroyed the bacilli with compressed oxygen

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occurrence are indicated by solid circles and crosses under the base line.

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In relation to the small, quick, and hard pulse, the author

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ning upon the local application of poultices, or the

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hemiplegia, succeeding to the clonic convulsions. The second form —

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March 9, 1923, to draw up resolutoins upon the death of Dr. J. H.

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return of pain in the knees ; greatly relieved in shoulders, etc. ; the increased

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her child, a boy six months old, and a little girl aged 2 years, a niece of

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into an association. At the last meeting, Mr. Girdlestone, the

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between the vitalists and the mechanical philosophers in physic.

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Considering the frequency of relapses, care to adjust the diet to the digestive

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the season which in that latitude corresponds to our autumn. There are,

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cial evidences of the perineal section previously mentioned ;

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individuals mois t heat in the form of a linseed poultice, witli

triamterene/ hydrochlorothiazide pharmacological class

to translate two cases from Bernheimn's Clinique Medicate^ page

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The drug was not found to influence the circulation even in cardiac cases.

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properly fitted for the purposes of nutrition and growth, the Jcidmys may

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other, is due the credit of first (1884) calling the attention

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cruel warfare, a most unfair battle, more cowardly than

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Remarks— Experiments VI and VII differ in time of exposure, and are therefore to be care-

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