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plied through the skin three-quarters of an inch from the
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four hours. With the aid of cordials, he had by this time
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Anecdotes.— Consultation between a Homeopath and an Allopath in a case of Hy
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graine, are of no more importance than if they stated that of
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state of the mucous membrane itself, except that it oc-
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involves them, and by degrees impUcates all the surrounding parts. Thus
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extreme emphysema, is a most important token of hypertrophy of the
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practice in laboratories for work upon books and at-
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a septico-pyemic process would be multiple rather than single.
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Dr. J. C. Reeves, of Chattanooga, believed in a fever
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of membranous croup as diphtheritic in character, and
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1,000 live births, multiple screening and treatment proto-
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are not normal, it is true," he will say, " but neither are my circumstances
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feet and hands, which developed into vesicles later. The
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Professor of Anatomy and Surgery, Trinity College, Dublin.
so, a piece of tape carried in a blunt needle is placed under each of them
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of injurious influences from an unsound heart. Dr. George
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development, and apparently in consequence of it, alcoholic fer-
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submucosa of the urethra, while the mucous membrane itself escapes
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and internal circular muscular fibers up to the human heart, blood-vessels,
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to npreseiif to the Surgeon-General of the United States, that they have had
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from the typhoid bacillus in that the former changes
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The average daily number of patients in the Edinburgh
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2 James W. McLane : Am. Joum. Obstetrics, April, 1891, vol.
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that both Mr. CoUis and myself have little doubt that the disease is
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Fabricius in 1805 under the name of Musca luteola. In
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results were very far from satisfai'tory — if. indeed, tliey are
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drunkenness took place ; thus, this cause of infantile mortality is proved to
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and sticky that it often causes vomiting. If we are
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value above ^4,000. Some of the investigations I have