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' Comparative Anatoruy and Physiology of the Invertebrates. London,

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obvious and ordinary one, it is symbolic. Thus, if one

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performance of the ordinary duties of busy life. Hence the fact

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exposes the dura mater, thickened and covered by tubercular granulations.

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W. Jaworski ("Ctrlbl. f. klin. Med.," 1888, No. 10) draws the following

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a far more important therapeutic agent than.A^a; vomica? . . .

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like 500 to 800 times a second. Dr. Levick has told us — and I agree with him

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, /iiralive stage, restorcfl the discharge of pus, promoted tho

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made a diagnosis of stone in the bladder, and performed a

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an unhealthy state of the mind than almost any other calling.

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Surgeon J. K. Urie. detached from the Dolphin, April 20, and

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different people and in different races. In most text-books the state-

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half an ounce to an ounce of bismuth, by in.sufflation, and the

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for themselves alone, apart from their distinguished position in the

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amenable to such remedies as have a similar mode of operation.

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syph., Vav., 1898, ix, 122. — Grusz (E.) Carcinoma tarsi.

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Obsh. Omsk.vracb., 1884-5, ii, 108-113.— I^aiienstein (C.)

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Cullen, Glenn E., and Hubbard, Roger S. Note on the elec-

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of the surface layer of the clot first treated with calcium chloride and later

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There is often considerable perinephritis, and in some cases the capsule

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recorded. In the alcoholic cases the cranial nei-ves, except the va^Mis, are

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pend on a physical or a chemical process? Many experiments on isolated

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intervene in time, and not, by refusing to deal with

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modation for the married soldiers and families of their corps.

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be untenable ; because, as he said, the temperature of the

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to have been communicated otherwise than by inoculation in the case of

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All solid dosage forms of potassium chloride supplements are contraindicated in any patient in

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Jackson, of Denver, and Dr. R. W. Miller, of Los Angeles,

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ence of disease of the gall tracts as it now is to over-