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could not agree with those who asserted that it must
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through the radicals of the portal vein. This is well shown in cancer
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According to Stokes (3) milk which has an acidity somewhat less
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part's ligament, yet it not infrequently lay alongside the
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The gland occupies a position high in the superior mediastinum,
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nett till the 14th, when she left the house, all the laryngeal symptoms having dis-
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to a premature old age. I know not how much, the rub-
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Co-existence of infectious Arch. Pediat., N. Y.,
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analogous to the spasms brought on by handicrafts (p. 723).
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sion at Marseilles. — This commission, consisting of
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furthermore, hemoptysis in them is of rare occurrence. Several observers
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superficial red, partly also to difference of age in the circles. Recurrences
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Consultant Physician and Cardiologist, Islington and Bloomsbury Health Authority,
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gressive increase, or, on the other hand, diminution of the quantity of liquid,
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to other successes. It preserves your efforts by making your accounts collectable. It saves a wealth
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of 1665 cases, the average fatality for the whole number of cases
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which occurred in the suprarenal gland in quantities of probably less
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therefore, to be commended for their enterprise, espe-
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highest and lowest air- temperature is always moderate and can
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pp., 1 1., 1 diag. 8°. EJpbenharn, \V. Prior, 1880.
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evidence to show that the gland has in the course of
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to painful stimulation, to which, in its natural condition, it would readily
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clothes of alt were saturated with water. The medical treatment con-
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as house surgeon ; in St. Michael's Hospital they accept a fifth-year student as house
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and the quartan fevers. The headache, the i)ain in the limbs and in
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of the mucous membrane of the nose and cellular tissue; fascia :
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the pylorus are so arranged that the circular ones, which surround the
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Sterile Solution in 10 cc. rubber-capped vials for sub-
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located shipping space from the zone of interior. In turn, the
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but, if possible, to put an end to them. (Hear, hear.) That
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25. Mould, Captain: Cited by Sambon, Jour. Trop. Med., 1899, i, 213, 262, 295.
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the arthropathy merely as an exaggeration of what we
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Lebanon, directed his attention to the needs of the
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IH.yS per cent., and sub.stances destructilde by heat
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two changes of dressings; were made daily. February 1^ after a
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Iso in several cases of Neuralgia. Beneficial and rapid effects were
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yesterday waited upon the Home Secretary at half-past twelve