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increasing weakness, and often unfavourably afi'ecting symptoms, such
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of Paris ; Professor Leloir, of Lille ; Dr. P. A. Morrow, of New York ;
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proves, beyond question, a pestilential atmosphere,
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SiiEARMA.v, William Mu.lab, M.R.C.S.— District Surgeon to the Salford
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enough to enter the trachea, was substituted for it. Two days
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hydrothorax, all the effused liquid may be at once removed without the
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described as cerebellar catalepsy, or the property of limbs remaining for a
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male genital organs of such an extensive character that they could
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Chicago Polyclinic, writes : ** Where it is necessary to
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bility to gp up and down stairs have either disappeared or
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prepared from the distillates of acid-treated urines.
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The number of worms which may be found in a specimen is variable.
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similar data derived from British or other foreign sources.
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was introduced under the skins of mice and rabbits, there were fre-
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after enteric fever. Murchison seems to have thought that the correct-
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mortality was 48%; if the ratio was greater than 0.5, then
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this disease. On deeper examination, he believed, however,
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the whole urinary apparatus and subsequent emaciation, absorption of
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at intervals, there will be inflammation of the conjunctiva?, with suffusion of
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ports this statement ; for I find present between 69 and 7U per cent, of
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on to deplore, or our noble science to relieve; and these affections
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small well-chosen representative body is the only known
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as of anything else. Sometimes we only need to dispel one symptom to
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Repeated doses of morphia (gr. ^), with atropia (gr.
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For this very day one year ago I stood as the honored representative in
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had been plugging in that case, and some supposed that that was
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Of the whole number of females in whom the heart was thus
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ly as other drugs, so that after a time, the interval not being
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managing just as they bind the only ones who provide that
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performed in infancy, tlie effect of it is weakened by time."
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profession in the event of their being assailed in a simi-