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est mortality rate, 121.1 (Michigan), is less than half the highest

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thankful to say I have never witnessed a case of deatii

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The origin of our Society dates from a meeting held in the

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in the minute arteries of the lungs. The proofs of this arrest

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w e must see whether the lungs, which in other diseases are

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local paralysis, in doses of from one-fortieth to one-

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One c.c. of extract given each day (except July 3 and 10) from June 29 to July 23.

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it, had to pass through these, hence the sick " sat in the gate," in the

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The following is the history obtained from his friends :

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ing up the sleeve to pulling it down again need not

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the Government as a hospital for v\xv sick and wounded

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pressing forward the matter, not only in respect to housing but

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given in the corresponding table of Haines. The numbers,

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afternoon : — Since taking the second dose, a persistent sensa-

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It is to be regretted that the writer cannot add to the foregoing account

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above and below this interruption, still staining with osmic

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an adjuvant to these or to astringents it may be useful, and from

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drew C. Ivy, vice president of the University of Illinois

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bronchi are given off. It is in the smaller bronchi

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gire our readers an abridged sketch of his recent labors, and the

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Society, submitted a report and resolutions, relative to Empiricism in this

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ya"\vning, drowsiness, and unconsciousness. The hsemoglobinuria

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considerable hypesthesia and hypalgesia, most marked on the

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uric acid. At first it was thought that the uric acid

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urine. After 3 days, during which time it was impossible to

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•place. — But, take it for all in all, the climate of

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inferior extremities, and this was, in a great measure, attri-

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presenting by its serous surface. The part furthest removed

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practitioners to make a diagnosis of peritonitis with the

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results which follow its use can best be explained upon the

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the patient was obstructed in her ordinary pursuits. A sensa-