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secretary to tiie Committee, for his immense labour in bring-

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Dr. A. MoRisax read an account of this case. The patient

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together under the chairmanship of Lord Meath. Last year

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Williams, E. H., M.R.C.S.Eng., reappointed Medical Officer of Health for

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Spiegelberg and Shaw had each one case, but I do not know

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The Medical Society of London lias resolved to abandon its

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deaths in England, Scotland, and Ireland be consolidated ;

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offered to transfer the grounds, buildings, endowments, and

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1886, which enacted that a person should not be registered in

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authority. Something should also be done to stop the loose

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of the patient being very nervous and difficult to manage a

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the reply to your letter from my colleague and myself."

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Frere, II. B., Leeds ; Mr. G. H. Fosbroke, Worcester ; Mr. A. F. Faith-

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Mr. T. A. H. Dodd, Bournemouth; Dr. C. Dukes, Rugby; Dr. P. J.

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•ranged from 18.2 in Derby, 18 3 in Huddersfield, and 18.5 in Swansea to

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[it ?] was brought as a valuable treasure to his Majesty King

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which, in addition to the general sociability thereby intro-

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of the District, will take the chair. A paper will be read by Mr. C. B.

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make a communication to the meeting, or to exhibit patients or speci-

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tinal obstruction lasting a week in a woman aged 75. No

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Germany this year. This conclusion has likewise been communicated to

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each Monday was confirmed in the usual way, being read for a

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an actual money fine, through delay and loss of the step, is

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minded amount to 12 or 24. With reference to the third