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Methaethyl (methyl-ethyl) is a new local anaesthetic introduced
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mouth to mouth or indirect droplet infection by way of the hands and fomites
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opiate frictions and blisterings. Percussion and bandaging are recom-
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water from a well at Pierrefonds, near Paris, which
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of a pair of forceps, or the fingers, or some many-branched
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complexion of the patient. When general dropsy depends upon
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during the late Civil War. Of this number, 4069 proved fatal, a mortality-
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1-6. Alio: Biol. Centralbl., E'llang., 1886-7, vi, 342-345.—
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day. Its effects are said to be very similar to those
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and (c) abundant sunshine. Less beneficial, though important, are (d) dryness
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the infantile type occurs in later life. This is in accordance with a long
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Medicine" we mean that body of scientific or medical
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cording to Axenfeld, is quite likely to be associated with hysteriform
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nursing and the influence upon the child of nourish-
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mucous surfaces. One of the most curious is that of a man, aged twenty-five,
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March, to take into consideration the expediency and practicability of
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Professor Theory and Practice of Medicine. Kentucky School of Medicine.
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mass divides into two equal portions; and sometimes
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dissemination of miliary tubercles far beyond the margin of
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amorphous, may assume a form resembling that of the bacilli of Koch. The
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selves, Mr. Joanis first traced the history of Kerr-
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§ ii. Means of ascertaining the vitality of a 'new-boiii
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