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I00.2''. Administered quin. sulph., 3 c.c, at 8 i'.m.


change the fronto-cotyloid round to the occipito-cotyloid pre-

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now fairly supple, and his movements are free. So far I have

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by it. In the fummer it is cuflomary for thefe coolies to fleep

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Cardiovascular Conference - 12:00 PM; Education Wellness Center, Avera St Lukes Hospital; Speaker: to be

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individuals the hypothesis has been advanced that the jugular veins

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parasite, and are composed of transparent hyaline substance. The

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is not indicated for the initial treatment of hypertension.

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syphilitic origin where sensory manifestations appear to have

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measured by oxygen capacity, but he was rarely able to demonstrate

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lege of Physicians, etc. A new edition, revised and improved, with three

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I and II cancers diagnosed between 1983 and 1987, al-

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Tannic and gallic acids diminish the secretions generally. They are yery

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tion that it was purely ursemic, cardiac, or central, disappears when the press-

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secondary troubles, will reveal the nature of the chancre, even in the most

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all the morbid tissue, and suture of the healthy divided

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eled up the arm, involving the axillary glands, which became

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mediately alleviated. In this day of cleanly surgery

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more susceptible to malarial disease than the black, the

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alarm and uneasiness ; cheeks flushed ; tongue red and glazed, like a

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ates of New York medical schools, and 154 of schools

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condition of these tubes. The walls are thickened from

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without the least approach to suffusion, and that he was free from

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State by struggles against constituted authority, and in

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them against severe attacks of the disease. The (Hiestion of what to do with a

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sounds are feeble and distant and have the amphoric quality. They are

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hypothesis is to suppose that in his cases the disease involved one optic

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added under the various headings. The sections on blood

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1957. "Pilling, George Platt, IV, 2600 N. Lawrence St. (19133)

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found upon both tonsils, extending on to the uvula. The nasal

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from j to -^(j. In three months this eye was also totally blind. Hearing then

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vomiting, which pointed to a sudden relief of the exciting cause. — Arch.

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(2) By varying the length of sparks between the balls of the

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