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downward, toward the larynx and trachea. The floor of the month is

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tion of the contents of the stomach, for, in healthy stomachs (though

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continued throughout the twelfth day. On the twelfth day the temperature

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pending upon the inflammation of the heart's substance.

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over the thighs, the external genitals, the integuments of the abdomen,

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cent mucous membrane gradually disappears; the ulcer is then about

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tion ; and yet it would be a great mistake to do so. They

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health is failing, to somebody who knows any thing but the

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1. In all fever patients. It is going too far to say that every fever

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to infer that it is the result of a latent endocarditis.

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cough. The effect of vigorous expiration through a narrow glottis, such

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Abt. 1., Orig., 33, 18-23.— and Klemperper, F. Grund. d. klin. Bakt.,

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Anatomical Appeabances. — In acute catarrhal angina, the mu-

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were ulcerations of the large bowel. The lining of the large intestine

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The following complications of pneumonia were presented: endo-

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of the exudation, which I have repeatedly estimated at three pounds

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The ascaris lumbricoides, the round worm, is cylindrical, pointed

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felt confident that this had resulted in the establishment of a

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cast in that form of the malady which complicates acute infectious

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the genera] characteristic and pathogenic action of the genus Streptothrix.

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Treatment. — Of all serious chronic diseases, chronic gastric catarrh

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disputably traceable to some region of suppurative or sanious ulceration

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gether, and produce extensive destruction of the mucous membrane,

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the proper place to speak of the treatment of perforation by large and

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'First lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, Fort William McKinley.

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trophied spleen is usually thickened, cloudy, and not unfrequently ad*

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ore available which nifty be secured from the Director of

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was there any reason for leniency in his case ? Should not his

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The diagnosis from chronic ulcer of the stomach, also, is sometimes

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extensive endarteritis deformans. An approximate diagnosis, at least,

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off entrance of the air into the lungs. The occurrence of pneumotho-

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principal part in pulmonary consumption. In Chapter XIV. we shall

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tics of galvano-puncture are brought down to 1866 only, since