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The Menstrual Wave. ā€” Professor Stephenson has shown that menstrual

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other symptoms) the condition known as choked disk, or neuro-

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the heart's action, contravene this object, and are, therefore, contra-indicated.

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hospital. There has been very lately a I special business had been attended to, the

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and lamentable increase is noted, the admission rate for syph-

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only two with diabetes mellitus. The coincidence of the

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eruption. Now here the relation between cause and effect is as obvious

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ized ulcerations, and very rarely with anything like

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preceding publication. General and classified advertising rates

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cation of irritants ; exposure to heat and cold ; the presence of

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Iron to filtered portion. If coloration is exhibited add

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theories, and prestiges and requires a constant re-

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ascribed to the improved drainage both of the towns' and of the

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septic temperature, etc., with the diagnosis of "appendicitis." Strangely

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than serve in heaven." Why cannot Galei see in my conduct,

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creases in size from day to day, and the patient, by reason

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it has been prescribed in uterine haemorrhage, and to stop

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day to a poor married woman who was " nursing " her

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The great tendency to relapse is a peculiar and marked feature of the

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cretion, to take any other paper or papers on the list relating to

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such fearful proofs and stern rebukes of man's criminal neglect and

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swelling somewhat, although she had never missed a menstrual

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Under the microscope the tumor had proved to be a cancer

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diphtheria of the fauces. The existence of so close a relation between

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from institutions, should be done by workers under the direction of

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cooked for food. In the packing house they are usually consigned to the lard

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I will now shortly detail a few cases of paralysis in which I have

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the brain. Mental excitement may, in this wa}', prove an exciting cause.

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